Technology Services

IT Services Provided Through St. Clair County RESA

IT Helpdesk: (810) 455-1006
Hours: Weekdays 7:00am-4:30pm
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Services provided by the IT Department include:
  • Printer Issues
  • Telephone Issues
  • Computer Accounts and Password Issues (other than district website)
  • Hardware or Device Issues (including iPads, Chromebooks and Computers)
  • New Software Installations
  • Technology Purchasing
For all of these issues, please call the IT Helpdesk at (810) 455-1006
or email
You may also create a Helpdesk ticket at

Staff Information for the RESA IT Department:

Kevin Cuthbertson, IT Manager
Port Huron Internal Extension x3000

Jessica Bajoka, Administrative Assistant to Manager

Joseph Gorski, Technical Services Supervisor
Jim Rapier, Network Technician III
Mike Davis, Network Technician I
Kent Clark, Network Technician I
Kraig Hohf, Network Technician I
John Hoehn, Network Technician I
Kevin Gryspeerd, Network Technician I
Corey Mills, Network Intern
Orville Cole, Network Intern
Eric Hawtin, Network Intern
Jacob Hawley, Network Intern

Technology Curriculum Staff & Training Services:

Services provided by the Technology Curriculum Training Department include:
  • Technology Curriculum PSD (Professional Staff Development)
  • Any Curriculum-related software training
  • Any Google Apps-related training
  • Interactive Whiteboard lesson training
  • Offering individual, classroom and whole-building training sessions.
  • Providing Technology Curriculum workshops (anywhere within district)
Kit Hard - Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Professional Development
(810) 984-3101 x4008

Mark Repp - Technology Trainer/Tech Integration Specialist

(810) 984-3101 x4017

Jim Leishman - Technology Integration Specialist
(810) 984-3101 x4018