Port Huron Schools Performing Arts Centers

Theater Manager: Denise Selby

Theater Coordinator: Brandon Kovatch
Port Huron High School Performing Arts Auditorium

Port Huron Northern Performing Arts Center: (810) 984-2671 x1826

Port Huron High Performing Arts Center: (810) 984-2611 x1440

The Port Huron High School and Port Huron Northern High School's Performing Arts Centers provide wonderful sites for hosting meetings, workshops, seminars, and performances of various kinds. The facilities include state-of-t
he-art sound and lighting equipment in a comfortable professional setting. Venues seat 650 and are also available on weekends and during the summer. For more information, contact Denise Selby, Theater Manager at 810-531-4581.

PH-PAC Technical Specs

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